First Class Curry 

Hmm... looks nice out here..

Only important people have great blogs. Maybe because they have already graduated from high school and have a college education. My blogs never work out. I started a rant site on a while back. Didn't work out. Maybe its just my personality; I'm a very lazy individual. Check back here often, I probably work a little bit longer on this one. But after reading through the things I put up on this site- it's quite obvious that I have no life. Well,

Whatever life I have consists of these things:

1. School
2. Speech and Debate
3. Church
4. Friends

Notice I didn't put that list up in order of priority- LOL I dont want freak my pastor out there.

If you have any questions you can email me-

Check out some interesting websites-

Have a great day-
See you later


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