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Post #4? On Why The World Is Going To End RIGHT NOW!

I checked that guy's profile again. I thought it'd be a change from the serious note we're going on for today-

Here ya go- make sure you don't get a hernia by laughing too much-


*4-22(12:35pm)- Hmmm...Letting People Go Sucks, But I Think Its For The Best...Cause Nothing Seems To Get Better, Its Just Gettng Worse.
Leaving For A Week Next Week.



We Need More People Like This.

I'd like to take a serious side today, because after coming back from the speech tournament I saw this on Drudge. It sounds corny, but I am humbled by this man's sacrifice for our country:

Pat Tillman walked away from a million dollar contract to serve his country in Afghanistan after September 11th. This past week he died on Thursday night durign a firefight in Afgahnistan. At 27, this person embodies the best of our society. All what is good and honorable is esteemed by the conduct of the individual I desire to honor. An unselfish, honorable, passionate, courageous and strong man who stood up for the service of his country. A person such as this will never be forgotton- at least not by me.

Pat Tillman, 27, Army Rangers.
#40 for the Arizona Cardinals

Have a great day guys,
We live in a wonderful country-


Justin's House Tournament

Amazing basketball prowess was shown by Team Nimrods tonight on Justin's basketball court. The Nimrods, consisting of Mike and Peter went 8-0 decimating their opponents from all points of the court.

But their run was short-lived as Team Curry (once again with a new look) came back on the court. Mike and Peter were very cocky as Terence and DeCruz were considered to be the underdogs.

But DeCruz was determined as he went deep taking on the sweating monster that is Mike. DeCruz had this to say after the Curry team won 12-11: "Mike's sweat was just killing me, I swear he's taking steroids."

Mike responded with a few cuss words that were not intelligible. Justin and John seeing this opportunity to become the new champions, challenged Team Curry again. DeCruz and Terence responded with overall dominance on the basketball court knocking down inside shots and heartbreakers from the perimeter.

Eric Le was one of the announcers giving the play by play, "DeCruz's slide hook really puts the game into a new perspective. He's the best prospect in 2 on 2 street ball that I have seen in years."

Peter was less encouraging, "They're nothing. Simple. One game was a fluke. DeCruz has absolutley nothing"

Our friend Peter, definitly not the humblest knife in the drawer. The overall experience will be repeated on DeCruz's Court next week.

As always, Team Curry -the underdogs- come back to a resounding win.

Notes: Justin Mai is 0 for 50 in street ball currently. No one can explain his sudden lack of basketball skills. Mike blamed it on Justin's overall laziness on defense.

As always DVP signing off..
leave a comment..

Tournament At Terence's House

More news from the basketball world as Team Curry looked to continue its dominance of Team General Tso Chicken. Since Tom was not around (Scholarship troubles keeping him at home), Larry took the much coveted spot alongside DeCruz. The matchup began with an unfortunate mishap as Justin -afraid of losing again- viciously attacked DeCruz putting him out of the game for good.

DeCruz had this to say "I'm not quite sure what Justin was thinking- he looked very focused on getting me out of the game- the cheap bastard"

When asked for his comment, Justin replied "Screw off!"

Time will tell if these two will ever meet again. Scott replaced DeCruz and was not very effective in Team Curry's loss to General Tso' Chicken 11-4.

Stay tuned for live updates from the Tournament.


Post #3 On Why The World Is Going To End Now!

The dude updated his profile again- lets see what he wrote this time:

*4-20(12:15am)- Now I Believe Yooh When Yooh Say It, Now Please Believe Me Now, Wut I've Done For Yooh...

* Tears Are Emotions That Show Yooh Care And That Yooh Love Them. Why Hide, That Yooh Crying When Yooh Can Tell Them How Yooh Really Feel. It May Hurt When You Cry, But It's All Out Of Love...

Qoute: What Is Love If Yooh Haven't Shad Tears For Them Yet?


This is amazing- I'm telling you, any network executives who are reading this, You have to contact this guy and get a television show going. I mean is he not considering the consequences of copying some chick's profile and pretending to be a girl on his profile?

Stay tuned for more updates from The tourney at Terence's house.

What Is Wrong With Our Society?

So I was surfing the web today when I found a story about Blender magazine's worst songs list ever. If you wanna read the story, just go to

I could not believe my eyes, some of the best songs in the world like "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or "Obla-di, Obla-da" were on the list. This is an outrage- I urge all of you to go read that article and be as angry as I was. This can not continue. They also put Tobey Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" on number 22. This is incredible- the outrage and injustice suffered by these songs is just not exusable.

Another thing that made me angry today was looking at ESPN.COM. They have just started their Best Male Athlete survey. Guess who didnt make this list? Sachin Tendulkar, agreed by many to be one of the premier batsmen in the world. So why did this happen again? I'll tell you why; it's because none of them read anymore for all their latest cricket news. I dont know what else to write now.

Oh yeah.. George W. Bush has to be one of the best presidents we've had, except for his spending and his amensty plan for stupid illegal immigrants. That stuff makes me mad!

As always, email me at

Leave a comment- I love those.
Be clean though..

Have a great day-

Post #2 On Why The World Is Going To END NOW

Quite a few people thought that the idiot crying in the last post was me. No it wasn't. It's some person on AIM, who seems to think that people care about him and his personal life. But anyways, I went around the web and I found another reason on why the world will end any minute now.

Ind. Woman Fights To Keep 12 Monkeys

Associated Press
Thursday, April 15, 2004


DUNLAP, Ind. -- A woman who keeps 12 monkeys as pets in her home must ask county officials for a kennel permit so she can continue to live in her subdivision.

She said the primates, which she dresses in clothes and diapers, live with her in her house. She does not want the kennel permit, but will ask for it so she can keep what she considers her family.

(editor's note)

Ok the guy from the last post should hook up with this chick. And they would have babies which would be able to play with all twelve monkeys. Good stuff.


Post #1 On Why The World Is Going To END NOW..


*4-17(2:15pm)- Am I Slowly Dying??? Cause It Feels Like It...Why Wont Yooh Talk To Me :'( *Tears Too Much*

*4-15(8:15pm)- Well Imma Take Mah Driving Test Tomorrow To Get Mah Licence...And SomeOne Hasn't Been Talking To Me For Awhile, Makes Me Very...Very...Sad......Oh Yeah I'm Not Moving AnyMore But If Mah Dad Pisses Me Off Again, Than I Am...


I just saw that on someone's profile. Who needs television when you have disaster cases like this?

Well there you have it, the world will end soon..


Curry Goes On Rampage

The title says it all, folks. After contending with days of trash talk from Team General Tso Chicken (Justin and Terence), Team Curry destroyed their opposition in an amazing matchup played out on DeCruz's hardcore basketball court.

General Tso seemed to take the series after a first round matchup which ended with a close win for the Chicken team. But Team Curry, consisting of DeCruz and Tom, went for the gold in the next matchup.

DeCruz took advantage of weakness at the post and lackluster defense by Terence to continously knock down shots. DeCruz also amazed the crowd present with a a beautiful display of athleticism by hitting shots from all corners of the court. Tom took the lead at the point breaking the ankles of Justin and Terence together. Terence had this to say on Monday morning "My feet are sore".

Yes, Terence, of course your feet are sore. You just got destroyed by the multicultural butt-kicking duo of Team Curry. In other matchups, Team Curry also decimated The Zeldas in a basketball clinic of a game. The Zeldas had no answer for the continous rampage dealt by DeCruz and Tom.

The facts are clear...

The answer is here...

Team Curry dominates- period.

Stay tuned for more on Team Curry's rise to the top.


Already Gettin bad reviews

Here's my friend Terence's first impression of my blog:

GhettoRomeoT: ur blog is boring
GhettoRomeoT: say sumthin like ur inlove with another gay indian
GhettoRomeoT: that would give u sum hits
NdNB0i44: hahaha
NdNB0i44: k
NdNB0i44: hold on


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