Post #1 On Why The World Is Going To END NOW.. 

Post #1 On Why The World Is Going To END NOW..


*4-17(2:15pm)- Am I Slowly Dying??? Cause It Feels Like It...Why Wont Yooh Talk To Me :'( *Tears Too Much*

*4-15(8:15pm)- Well Imma Take Mah Driving Test Tomorrow To Get Mah Licence...And SomeOne Hasn't Been Talking To Me For Awhile, Makes Me Very...Very...Sad......Oh Yeah I'm Not Moving AnyMore But If Mah Dad Pisses Me Off Again, Than I Am...


I just saw that on someone's profile. Who needs television when you have disaster cases like this?

Well there you have it, the world will end soon..


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Comment That is the effing coolest! That pathetic sucker could make his own soap opera, I would watch it! You gotta update every day, I love it man, mad propz to ya. -Scott-

Mon Apr 19, 2004 8:52 pm MST by Jorg?? Perez

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