Curry Goes On Rampage 

Curry Goes On Rampage

The title says it all, folks. After contending with days of trash talk from Team General Tso Chicken (Justin and Terence), Team Curry destroyed their opposition in an amazing matchup played out on DeCruz's hardcore basketball court.

General Tso seemed to take the series after a first round matchup which ended with a close win for the Chicken team. But Team Curry, consisting of DeCruz and Tom, went for the gold in the next matchup.

DeCruz took advantage of weakness at the post and lackluster defense by Terence to continously knock down shots. DeCruz also amazed the crowd present with a a beautiful display of athleticism by hitting shots from all corners of the court. Tom took the lead at the point breaking the ankles of Justin and Terence together. Terence had this to say on Monday morning "My feet are sore".

Yes, Terence, of course your feet are sore. You just got destroyed by the multicultural butt-kicking duo of Team Curry. In other matchups, Team Curry also decimated The Zeldas in a basketball clinic of a game. The Zeldas had no answer for the continous rampage dealt by DeCruz and Tom.

The facts are clear...

The answer is here...

Team Curry dominates- period.

Stay tuned for more on Team Curry's rise to the top.


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Comment It seems like lately decruz has been doing his indian rain dance every night praying for some bad weather, because obviously he'd know if it was sunny, General Tso Chicken would be smokin Curry's ass for the third time... yea that's right, the third time, since we already beat your pathetic, out-of-shape team twice already, which you failed to mention. So this post is actually meaningless. The ball don't lie, score is 2-1... General Tso Chicken Sucka! The facts are clear... Team Curry is Queer... General Tso Chicken will smoke Curry anyday- period.

Tue Apr 20, 2004 2:59 pm MST by J-Mai

Comment Please...the General Tso's Chicken was clearly kicking your asses. As for team Zelda...yah, we have had some rough times, but we're coming back for a revenge! Muahahaha >=)

Mon Apr 19, 2004 8:07 pm MST by Huuchi

Comment i'm sorry dude my curry just sucks... i can go for some general tso though...

Mon Apr 19, 2004 8:03 pm MST by eric

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